Empower yourself, become a PLENTYMILLIONS National Lottery agent and earn additional income for yourself and your business.

Agents can earn a base 10 percent commission on sales and an additional 0.5 percent bonus, equivalent to a Jackpot amount when the agent sells a Jackpot winning ticket.

To become an agent is easy, all you need is an Android device or computer with POS printer and N25,000 initial account deposit.

If interested in becoming an agent, please contact us by email using the address info@eghic.com or whatsapp 0813-088-1790.


A Player must be 18 years and above to be eligible to play PlentyMillions National Lottery games.

The Nigerian National Lottery games offered on this website are promoted by EG&H Integrated Concepts LTD under a national lottery license granted by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission as regulated by the National Lottery Act of 2005 and as duly amended